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Gold Is Coming To Las Vegas 19th / 20th January 2018

One of the biggest events in global history is happening in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace on 19th/20th January 2018.

For the first time in decades the oldest form of saving and paying is back! Affordable gold is again with the masses and businesses are accepting gold as payment.

Karatbars International, founded in 2011, have launched this revolutionary system worldwide.

Customers can pay each other or businesses with 24kt 999.9 gold using their online Karatpay account or physical gold.

Cashgold is spendable, fraud proof paper notes containing varying gold amounts from just 0.1 gram.

Over half a million customers have already opened their free gold saving and payment accounts and shops can register as K-exchanges now.

Tickets are being sold out fast bu you can still register and find out more at https://www.globalgoldbullion.com


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