How to Make a Staggering Video Using Pictures in 4 Easy Steps?

Making a video with pictures can give a unique touch to your creation. Photos capture the most incredible life moments and, when arranged in a video with charming music, can be a powerful piece of content or a holder of precious memories. Pictures can tell a story and convey a range of emotions. 

People make videos from photos for different reasons, like sharing unforgettable moments with friends and family, promoting their brand, or creating a slideshow for social media. You do not have the special skills to make a video with photos. There are many editing tools and mobile apps to create a video from photos that will make your editing process fun and easy. Read the article and find a step-by-step guide to creating a powerful video using pictures. 

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Define the Video Type

The first step in the video-making process is determining the video type you want to create. Plan your video carefully to achieve incredible results. The type of video influences the choice of pictures. There are such video types as explainer, testimonial, social media, how-to, product review, event, recruitment, and other videos. 

For example, if you need a promotional video for your e-commerce store, select pictures of your products and stick to a marketing video style. Add a description to each picture and give enough time for people to see the benefits of your product. 

Select the Right Pictures

The first step in creating a good video collage is selecting high-quality images. Pictures are the core elements of your video, and all attention will be drawn to them. You can use different types of pictures depending on the type and purpose of your video. Use photos that were taken on your own or select the appropriate pictures from the stock libraries. 

Make sure all the images are of high quality, size, and aspect ratio so that a slideshow does not look like a collection of random pictures. When creating a promotional video, you should use professional photos of your office and staff to tell people your brand story.

Choose the Appropriate Software

Selecting the right photo video maker is not an easy task as there are several crucial aspects to consider. The choice of tools for making videos from photos is wide. And an inexperienced video maker can get lost and pick up the program that doesn’t suit them. The main things to consider are that there are offline and online tools, paid, free, and with a trial period. 

Good software should have a straightforward interface with clear navigation buttons. There should be a variety of templates for making a video from photos. A photo editing feature will be an advantage. It’ll be great if the program allows users to add animation, text, and music to the video. 

Export and Share Your Video 

Now you can download the video in the desired format and share it with your friends, family, or clients. Some editing tools provide an option to share the output via social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, Skype, Email, and more.

Share your wonderful creation with the world. And do not forget to add a watermark or mention your name or the name of the company at the beginning or end of your video. People should know to whom the recognition goes. 


There is nothing challenging in creating a high-quality video from pictures if you follow these four simple steps. Do not be afraid to experiment and be yourself. And in such a way, your slideshow will reflect true emotions, and you will reach the audience.

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