Step by Step Guide to download Tinder on Windows PC

Many people criticise smartphones for social alienation. However, the popularity of applications such as Tinder helps people to make new friends and colleagues. Tinder is a mobile application that was launched in 2012 by IAC. Initially, at launch the application was only available for download through application stores.

Many PC users who did not use a smartphone or tablet were unable to use the application. To help PC users download Tinder, a special desktop version has been introduced. This version can be downloaded using emulator software. To guide more people in downloading Tinder for PC we mention some tips that can help users.

  1. Download emulator

Emulator software enables the PC users to download applications that are solely available in the application stores to their desktop computers or laptops. This means that to open Tinder, the user needs to download emulator software. The emulator used depends on the operating system of the PC. One of the most popular emulators is Bluestacks. This emulator can be accessed through its official website.

  1. Search for the required extension

After the emulator has been installed, the application needs to be searched through the emulator. The emulator creates a virtual application store the lets the computer download the required application, However, it is important that the user downloads the version of the application that is compatible with PC settings.

  1. Open the application using the emulator

If the user directly opens the application, it may not work. Therefore, the user needs to open the application using the emulator’s search bar. After the installation and trial run of Tinder is over, the user needs to create a shortcut through the emulator.

  1. Trail run is important

Many users have complained that when they open Tinder on their desktop they are unable to access the required features and updates. To avoid this problem, the user needs to run the application for a few minutes before they finally start using it.

  1. Use a Google extension

Research has shown the Tinder for PC is one of the most searched keywords in Google. Apart from using emulator, a Google extension called Botinder can be used for PCs. This is not the real application but an imitation that has some of the features of Tinder.

Tinder is a mobile application that can be used on PCs through emulator. To download this application to PC, it is important that the correct file and shortcut is accessed. A user needs to do a trail run of the application before using it regularly. for more Apps for PC guides visit iTechwiki today.


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