Planning a Wedding in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is quite literally the wedding capital of the world, and the city hosts more weddings each year than many small countries do. On top of the quantity of weddings performed there each year, there is also a wide variety of different types of weddings that are performed. You can find anything you can dream up such as being married by Elvis, married while bungee jumping, and even something as speedy as a drive-thru wedding. Between the ease of getting married in Las Vegas and all of the wacky ways you can do it, it only makes sense that so many thousands of couples flock there each year to do just that.

Improving on the fact that you can get married in any way imaginable in Las Vegas are all of the great boutique wedding shops that you can find in Las Vegas. Most people immediately think of casinos when they think of Las Vegas, but actually it is home to world class shopping and dining experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, most of the laws are pretty loose, so you can buy wedding sparkler in Las Vegas at virtually any corner store for a very modest price. If you are eager to find something to make your wedding better, you will not have any problem finding it in Las Vegas.

With so many great places to get married, however, it can be a little tricky deciding what’s right for you. To help you out, here are 3 of the most famous places to have your wedding in Las Vegas.

Chapel of the Flowers

The Chapel of the Flowers has won many awards over its history, but none more prestigious than “Best Destination Venue in the United States”. This lovely chapel has been standing for over 60 years and they offer some of the most highly regarded wedding photographers in Las Vegas.

Hawaiian Gardens

If you are after something a little more tropical, then the Hawaiian Gardens wedding venue is probably more your style. Located at the Hilton Garden Inn in southern Las Vegas, this venue combines all of the bonuses that come along with getting married in Las Vegas while creating the illusion that you are in a tropical location. Every detail from the food and decorations to the music will have a Hawaiian influence, so you will forget where you’re at while you’re saying your vows.

Chapel in the Clouds

If stunning views and excellent service are what you crave, the Chapel in the Clouds is the right wedding venue for you. Located at the top of the Stratosphere complex, you simply won’t find a better view in all of Las Vegas and the service will be stellar from the moment you arrive until the last glass of champagne has been finished.

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