Muwae Launches Breathtaking Jewelry Line With Affordability In Mind

Purla Fascina Fancy Tiered Long Necklace_A touch of romance

Headquartered in Somerville, New Jersey—Muwae offers high quality products at prices that won’t break the bank. To mark its debut to the world, the company recently unveiled its first introductory video via YouTube.

SOMERVILLE, NEW JERSEY— Muwae  (pronounced /mua/ as in kissing) is a fast growing start-up e-commerce jewelry retailer on a mission to become the ultimate jewelry provider for fashionistas everywhere.


“Our customers tend to be women between the ages of 18-40 that are active social media users and desire high quality, fast-fashion products,” stated Charlie Wan, Muwae co-founder. “The truth is, though, no matter what your age is or who you are, we offer something for everyone.”

Since its launch earlier this year, jewelry bloggers have already taken notice with their positive YouTube videos praising the line. In fact, some are featured in the company’s latest YouTube video.

“It’s awesome, amazing and beautiful bracelets,” stated one vlogger.

“They have gorgeous, gorgeous earrings,” stated another.

From flashy rings to stunning necklaces, Muwae offers hundreds of trendy items to choose from with new pieces added weekly.

“Variety is key to us along with guilt-free pricing and premium customer service,” stated Wan. “We are constantly adding new styles to Muwae, so there’s something for everyone. Presently, our ‘Touch of Romance’ collection has been very popular.”

Muwae sets itself apart from other competitors in a variety of ways. Each time the company unveils a new collection, unsponsored product reviewers are the first ones to try the jewelry, offering consumers 100% honest feedback.

Muwae is also proud to offer its ‘Love Distributor Program.’ It allows reviewers and customers to share videos and photos capturing the moments they first wear Muwae jewelry.

“This helps new customers get the best knowledge of our product,” explained Wan. “It also helps to cut down on people saying, ‘it looks so good on the model, but terrible on me!” Here, everyone is the model. And we only ask for 100% honest feedback.”

Participants in the ‘Love Distributor Program’ will also have the luxury of receiving a nice surprise in the mail with their product. (Ex: discount, gift card, giveaway, etc.)

Purla Fascina Fancy Tiered Long Necklace2_A touch of romance

“We’ve already gotten tons of feedback on how the videos have helped customers pick out an item,” explained Wan. “We welcome everyone to share their opinions and stories by being a Love Distributor.”

Whether it’s a Valentine’s gift or engagement ring, jewelry is often a symbol of love. Hence, is why Muwae’s motto is “always believe love is about to happen.”

Curat Glamour Charm Bracelet

“We are excited to see love is happening in everyone’s life. Maybe you were wearing one of our bracelets when you met him! Did the earrings make your outfit simply perfect? Did your friends “oh and ah” when seeing your latest Muwae ring?” stated Wan.

Curat Glamour Charm Bracelet2_A touch of romance

Muwae  also has its own affiliate program, giving bloggers and website owners an opportunity to earn commission on every sale. With items ranging from $15 to $40,  plus offers free shipping on every purchase made.

Le Femme Fatale Fancy Bracelet_A touch of romance

Subscribe Muwae and like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest will also have the luxury of receiving a nice surprise with their product. (Eg: big sales under $10, discount, gift card, giveaway, etc.)

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Buseinss Location:  50 Division St. Suite 501, Somerville, NJ 08876 United States


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