Martino's Journey – As MMBF Trust founder turns 23

He is regarded one of aviation’s wonder kids and still proudly holds the title of full-time philanthropist so it’s without a doubt that Matthew C. Martino has launched yet another philanthropic venture as he turns 23.

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The Zimbabwean born star has seen his fair share of success and failure but has kept his head up high at all times demanding nothing but the best of himself and his team around him. We thought we would look at his journey.

  • In 2011 he made his public footprint with his pilots manual Lets Fly.
  • 2012 saw the launch of Lets Fly Academy and Martino declared interest in acting.
  • 2013 Martino is established on the film production circuit, he authors business start-up guide Go For It. He quits acting after a controversial appearance on The Alan Titchmarsh Show.
  • 2014 Martino ventures into philanthropy with MMBF Trust, he continues to grow his film portfolio and announces new app developing venture MMD-Tech. Martino trends worldwide on Twitter under hashtag #RtHonMatthewCMartino.
  • 2015 Martino continues to grow MMBF Trust, new enterprise scheme MM Enterprise Award is announced.

Also as part of Martino’s birthday, MMBF’s Rising Star Of The Year has been anoounced and its James Cooke an aspiring filmmaker and YouTube content creator of AFCGameByGame

We wish Mr. Martino a happy birthday. And it wouldn’t hurt One to smile once in a while.


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