Jordan Richter Management L.L.C. 2014 Growth


Jordan Richter is an artist in two unique forms. Thriving in both the music world and product development, Jordan takes his work very seriously.

Artistically, Jordan creates music that is defined within the EDM or electric dance music genre. The EDM singles such as Mild To Wild, Top, Top pt: 2, and #Halloween from album 24/7 quickly rose on YouTube as it continues collecting thousands of views. This is truly music that you can dance to! Jordan’s first music video features the hit single Mild to Wild and showcases the creative continuity and internal presence of his art. Look for Project Hillary to come with a super cool 3D animated twist.

In 2014, Jordan started working on an amazing skin care line, Desire Skin Care, to satisfy a need for high quality, enriching skin care products. The products are specifically designed to correct common skin problems so that bad skin or aging skin can be transformed with youthful radiance. Using a chemist approach, Jordan worked scientifically to create products that really work. Anti-aging is a common request for skin care lines to deliver and the Desire by Day and Desire by Night serums are capable of achieving just that. Jordan Richter isn’t the first to weave in the importance of sun protection with antioxidants to block UVA and UVB rays but he is the first to do so with such effective results.

Jordan Richter is much more than a businessman, he’s an artist and entrepreneur.

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