Impact Your Trade Show Presence:

Conventions are clearly a powerful and targeting method of reaching customers.  Most often they take place at a popular location in a large market such as Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York.  But there are also key cities that are known for hosting major conventions such as Las Vegas and San Diego.  They’re typically only a few days and most often held on an annual basis.  However, the power and business they generate is overwhelming.  Perhaps that explains why companies invest tens of millions on an event that lasts less time than most golf tournaments.

The three Primary reasons for Convention marketing should be fairly obvious but they include: 1) Generating sales leads, 2) generating sales while at the show, and 3) Meeting with existing clients to discuss business and improve and enhance the relationship.

Depending on the industry, exhibitors will be focused on such strategies as:

  • Increasing brand presence
  • Shifting brand position
  • Demonstrating new product capabilities
  • Launching new initiatives
  • Educating customers
  • Sampling new products

There’s clearly a lot of work and substantial financial investments that go into a tradeshow.  Therefore, with so much on the line why do so many marketers overlook the final and critical piece?

Nothing impacts a successful trade show like a strategic and powerful advertising campaign that properly promotes the brand.  Depending on the market, there are many ways to achieve this goal.  LaunchPoint Marketing has a prominent presence in two very key Convention markets: Las Vegas and San Diego.  And markets should dictate the approach as consumer behaviors, even for trade shows, vary by market and location.

San Diego’s convention center is located adjacent to the Gaslamp Quarter and along the harbor where many outdoor experiential advertising opportunities exist.

Las Vegas is the convention capital of the world with dozens of locations up and down the Strip. In Las Vegas, you’ll want to target guests when they arrive in the airport and continue communicating with them through traditional digital signage on the Strip.

Regardless of where your convention is taking place, be sure to cap it off with a powerful and strategic advertising campaign to maximize your presence.

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