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Gilda Garza’s “The Warriors” in Las Vegas

“The Warriors” Exhibition by Gilda Garza September 15 2017 will be at OMNIA Nightclub Terrace 7-10pm, Ceasar’s Palace Hotel and Casino.

WARRIORS – As human beings, we get to face fresh challenges every day of our life. Sometimes, these challenges can be exciting. Other times, they could be unpleasant. However, our success in life is a summation of the number of these daily battles we win. Thus, we must continually be hungry to face and conquer every battle that comes our way. This is the idea behind Gilda’s upcoming exhibition show “The Warrior”, on September 15 (Mexico Independence Day), at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.


It is good to have a warrior and know that you will always be protected, but we can not expect someone else to protect us. You are your own warrior and you can fight for your own dreams.  Fight for what you love, your family and for your country. That’s my inspiration for The Warriors.  I love my warrior because he reminds me of who I am.

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