Csilla's fight againts psoriasis

Csilla Renáta Kiss suffers from psoriasis syndrome.

In the last 5 years Csilla has undergone several therapies and has tried different medicines. They had no effect, what’s more, due to the steroid-based therapies her condition has worsened. To top it all Csilla suffers from severe allergy and because of it alternative medicine can not be used.

285x285_Psoriasis_vs_Eczema_Slide_14The only useful therapy was the combined seawater and light therapy. During this time her symptoms have disappeared. Csilla should continue this therapy all her life but the social insurance does not cover neither the fee nor the instrument. For me the only solution seems to be able to buy the instrument.11

Csilla is in despair because she doesn’t have enough income to finance it. Because of the constant itch and pain she doesn’t want to meet people and she has to wear such clothing that covers the signs of my disease. Csilla is completely withdrawn from society.

To read more or to help donate to Csilla, please visit:

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