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In order to increase website traffic, there are two things that an online entrepreneur should constantly remind himself about. One would be the need to put up the right SEO techniques. Second and of equal importance would be the effort to boost aesthetic value as it adds up to the reputable look of the site. Let’s start with the second one and this time, it would be all about turning your site into some sort of an online magazine.

WordPress continues to be overly labeled as a blogging platform. This, of course, true and actually a profoundly awesome one. Then again, it’s more than just that — it is perhaps a fully blown content management system, ideal for handling all types of websites. Ultimately, it includes magazine style websites.

Creating a Magazine Style Site
The creation of a mag style site is truly up to you. There is always the option of picking up a theme for an instant aesthetic and functional, may it be a free extension or a paid, premium one. While iThemes offers tons of mag style themes, you can also create yours through it. All you have to do is make use of the iThemes Builder where you can prepare a magazine site without any coding requirement. It also allows you to customize its existing themes and convert them into e-commerce magazine sites.

However you would like to do it, the whole idea is to modify the traditional WordPress homepage into something more captivating, functional and wacky professional. Anyhow, here is a rather step-by-step guide on how to set up your own magazine style site.

  • Install any customize mag style skin or theme of your choosing that you think make your site unique.
  • For your very own branding, apply modifications to the WordPress header.
  • Modify the navigation bar of your WordPress that fits your needs and preferences
  • Make sure the photograph placement feature is enabled.
  • Finally, set up the sidebar the way you see fit.

The Perks of Using a Magazine Style Theme
An online entrepreneur always wants to keep his prospects in the loop. There is no better way to do that than through the usage of a magazine style site. And here are a couple reasons why:

  • The imagery is more vivid, allowing your viewers to predetermine what the posts are really all about through the thumbnails or front covers of each post
  • There is the power of headlining to better promote what the latest scoops are
  • Superscripts and descriptions are effectively injected on the front covers

Simply put, the experience is more lively and harmonious through the systematic organization of the posts and other contents of the page. In comparison to general homepages that show only long or perhaps seemingly infinite lists of posts, a magazine style site is always more engaging rather than exasperating.

Taking Advantage of Pre-designed Sites
If you want to cut through all the hustle and bustle of creating a magazine themed site, you can always choose the easy route. This approach will help you highlight all of your important posts just as good as a personally built WordPress site does. On that note, here are ten of the best WP magazine style sites to consider:

  • Novelti
  • Ubergrid
  • Sensational
  • Exquisite
  • Minimalist
  • Splash
  • Made
  • Bullet Press
  • Codilight
  • Rush

Most of these sites are at the Premium scale, but you can always check them out via the preview button to better determine which among them would work for your goals and purposes.

Driving Website Traffic In
Now that you have prepped your site into something really innovative, the next and equally important thing you need to do is to reinforce the traffic of your site. While there is WordPress for the aesthetic boost, you need the Website Traffic Team for your traffic potency. First of all, they have the right specializations for whatever business you hold. Most importantly, they produce only real traffic rather than bots and other pestering automated traffic drivers.

As an online entrepreneur or merely a blogger exuding with fervor, a magazine style theme for your WordPress site will always be the ideal choice to keep returning visitors and more followers coming. Of course, the process is never complete unless you have put up the right solutions for gaining substantial web traffic. On that note, visit

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