Interesting to Know When you Purchase a Safe Locksmith Service in Berlin


The last balance sheet of criminality made public by the Ministry of the Interior posted 92.055 theft with force within the home, a figure that in capitals with major population centers such as Berlin or Frankfurt, will be increased by 3 per cent.

Also the commercial premises are experiencing major embezzlement each year. According to a study by the Association of Convenience Stores (Aetcon), the number of car thefts increased by 102% in 2015. These figures as high cause many owners to rethink the increase of security systems within their homes or local, with the acquisition of more sophisticated safes. But before choosing one system or another, according to the experts of tied insurance, it is essential to ask the question:

What safe acquire and where am I going to install it?

Purchase a box fuerteTodo what it deserves to be stored in a safe also deserve to have the maximum security against all kinds of intrusions or accidents in the environment, either fire or flood, with this class of safes are isolated objects of value already not only of robberies but of external factors such as a fire, or a flood thanks to its particularity resist perfectly this type of accident in the environment.

We Schlüsseldienst Berlin can find vaults of various types with different depths and sizes depending on the domestic use, business or industrial, and of course they are also placed in various media and containers, or you can embed in a partition or taking advantage of the structure of the building for greater security in addition to hide them from the view, among other options.

To prevent water leakage or extreme temperatures in case of fire its closing system generates a close completely sealed so that it is inviolable in addition to keep away from fire the contained objects, this responds to that is composed of an armored vehicles that only allows the opening of the owner and in the event of failure of highly qualified professionals.

On the system of opening, latches, can be operated through key as the traditional or using electronic key, of the two forms is a box of high security. With regard to the keys there is to take special care with them because you cannot make copies and are of a unique series, also their locks can have wheel, electronic, according to their need. Depending on the capacity of the boxes, increases the complexity of the locking system for the greater security of the contained objects.

Type of safes

There are several types of safes. Recessed housings can be placed inside a closet out of sight or directly mounted on a wall.

“To install a safety deposit box of this type need to perform works in your home to leave the space required” explained in knots. There are key, electronic or wheel, and today there are combinations of these three types.

“The camouflage is essential part to mislead or achieve not attract the attention of the thief” discussed in the company Schlüsseldienst Berlin BBS. In this way, its front is hidden behind a wardrobe, table, mirror, sofa or any other element of the house, hindering their detection. This type of boxes have a price that is around 300 euros.

The separate boxes do not need an installation, but it requires a hole prepared where to put them. The flame go well if we want to protect important documents, since that support very high temperatures and resist until 30 minutes in flames.

In the Company Schlüsseldienst Berlin BBS, dedicated to the sale and installation of electronic security systems, have created a system of boxes that owe their resistance to the double wall thickness built with steel plate 48 millimeters and its door reinforced of 87 millimeters. In the event of an attack with thermal or mechanical tools is activated a mechanism relock that totally condemns the lock. In addition, includes an optional socket that can connect to your alarm system. “If by neglect the door remains open, we will reach a signal”, commented. These safes can be used for archiving documents of relevance, as well as to deposit money in cash.

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