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Sign Up as a Stream Nationwide Director and Secure Your Financial Freedom. written by: ptwenty Would you like to be in control of your earnings? To earn both fast money, and tap into a recurring revenue stream that could last for years without you having to do anything beyond the additional sale? Then you’ll want to join Stream Nationwide as we bring wireless, voice and data services to customers all over the United States.

Our person-to-person, friend-to-friend approach worked when we launched Stream Energy in 2005, and that’s why we’re using it again as we launch Stream Nationwide. Right now, Stream Nationwide is qualifying founding members to spread the message about our wireless services to their friends and family, and when you bring in paying customers, Stream Nationwide pays you.

When you share Stream Nationwide’s premium services with your friends and family and they sign up as paying customers, you’ll receive a 25% credit towards your own phone bill. Add another five customers, and we’ll pay for 50%. Add just five more paying customers for a total of 15, and your wireless service will be paid for in full.

You’ll also earn quick start bonuses when you sign up and find your first customers. You’ll receive $100 just for signing up your first five customers within 30 days.

If you share this earning opportunity with your friends and family and two of them qualify as Stream directors, you’ll also receive the “you and two” bonus – both your friends will receive a $100 bonus when they sign their first five customers, and you’ll receive another $100 bonus for each friend that qualifies. That’s a start of $300 in bonus cash!

But that’s not all. If you complete both the quick start and “you and two” challenges in your first thirty days as a qualified director, you’ll receive a promotion to regional director, along with another $100 bonus. Stream will also send you a custom tablet free of charge.

You can also earn weekly leadership income. When you’re a regional director or above, you earn at least a $25 leadership bonus every time additional associates sign up for your team.

Perhaps the best perk of being a Stream Nationwide director is the recurring income – each month, you’ll receive a percentage of our earnings from every customer that you and your associates sign up for Stream. Given that most people stay with their wireless carrier for an average of seven years, that could easily add up to thousands or even tens of thousands in recurring revenue without you having to lift a finger.

You can become one our pre-launch founders by signing up for your own Stream website today. Financial freedom is finally within your reach – what are you waiting for?

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