Opinion on 6 Cool Ways to S-T-R-E-T-C-H Your Dollars

Las Vegas is a great place to find ways to save money. Well, The Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine recently published a full-fledge article called ‘6 cool ways to S-T-R-E-T-C-H your dollars’. The central idea behind this article was to save money in all conditions and under all circumstances. The printed version of the magazine gave four ways and the other two ways were presented on the magazine’s Facebook page. So what did we feel about this article?

For starters, we found it very positively inspiring and a thoughtful effort by the writer to motivate people to save money for a better life. This is why we took the liberty to discuss this article and present our own subjective viewpoint on this topic.

Who Is Dr. Keshia Gaines?

Dr. Keshia Gaines is the author and mastermind behind the best-selling and very popular Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine. A professionally trained educator, Dr. Keshia always had a passion for writing. She wanted to use her words, thoughts, and ideas to bring a positive change in the world we live in. Her magazine is a professionally-composed publication that has gained a wide fan following and won reader’s loyalty in a short time period. This magazine covers several niches predominantly including lifestyle, health, positive thoughts, motivation, fashion and entertainment.

About The Article 

The article published in the magazine recently, titled ‘6 cool ways to S-T-R-E-T-C-H your dollars’ is all about saving your money today for a better life tomorrow. This post encourages people to save money no matter how much they are earning. The smart people who are well-planned and organized in life will always believe in saving money for the future. Some people earn a lot on a monthly basis and find it very unnecessary to save money. Saving money is never a bad thing, but not saving money is surely going to bring its hazards.

Ways To Stretch Your Money 

Stretching your money means you are allowing it to last for a longer time and go into your savings account instead of spending it all.

You can surely have a look at the article for complete details on how to stretch money. Since this article is about our viewpoints on the topic; here is what we think are some effective ways to use your money wisely.

  • It is wise to plan your monthly expenses in advance. Spending money on an organized budget is always smarter than wasting your money. It is guaranteed that you are likely to overspend or waste money on unnecessary things if you don’t plan your expenses beforehand.
  • Another way we found useful to cut down on expenses and stretch your money for long-term use is by comparing your needs with luxuries. The basic needs cannot be overlooked for instance food or shelter. However, luxuries can definitely be controlled for instance you can get the phone line removed if you have a mobile phone for around-the-clock use. We really enjoyed the article in The Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine!



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