How Vegas inspired British boy to become a magician

Luca Gallone Magician Showreel from Luca Gallone on Vimeo.

How Vegas inspired British boy to become a magician

A rising star in UK magic says he owes his success to a Vegas magician he saw as a boy – and now he’s heading back to America to meet the man who inspired him.

At just eight years old, Luca Gallone was lucky enough to see the Mac King Show at Harrah’s Casino, and he was bowled over by the legendary comedy magician’s stage show.

And now, to mark his 21st birthday, Luca is heading back to Vegas to meet Mac in person, and just maybe perform a few tricks with him.

“I can’t wait to meet Mac,” said Luca. “I was just eight when I saw him that first time in 2004 and I’ll never forget it. He was sharp, extremely funny, wore a crazy suit and managed to transfix his audience without the expensive props many of the Vegas magicians use.

Luca Gallone now and performing magic as a boy of 6.

“He was hilarious. His funny and likeable personality makes his show work – and it certainly worked magic on me. I saw a few magicians during what was a very special family holiday 13 years ago in Las Vegas, including David Copperfield, but Mac had something special. I was transfixed and, when I got back, to England, I practised my magic more and more.

“I started performing at school and by the time I was 15 I was doing paid gigs. It grew and grew and, when I left school at 18, I decided to turn pro. It was a tough decision, as I was expected to go to university. Some people thought I was mad and said magic would never pay but I worked hard and made it work.

“When I was 18 I auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent, performed in a big theatre in front of 2,000 people and got yeses from all the judges, including Simon Cowell.

Luca Gallone performing at a recent event.

“I went on to be signed by entertainment agencies and now I perform all over the UK. When I look back I realise I owe it all to Vegas, especially that Mac King show. Magic was huge in America compared to Britain back then and some of the Vegas magic dust must have rubbed off on me. I always vowed to come back around my 21st birthday.

“My family took me to Vegas when I was eight because they knew I loved magic so much. And, now, we’ve set up a meeting with Mac in February, and I’m coming back to meet Mac properly, say thank you and perform some magic. I can’t wait. It’s a dream of mine to have a show in Vegas one day.”


Luca, age 8, with his brother Matt Gallone, age 5, and Mum Jill Gallone in Vegas 2004.


Luca’s showreel. Here’s a video of him helping create what has been called ‘the most magical proposal ever’:

Editor’s notes: Luca Gallone will be meeting Mac King at his show on Tuesday February 21, 2017.
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