Hottest Nightlife in Las Vegas


Las Vegas is by far one of the best cities in the world for fun adult entertainment. With tons of great casinos and nightclubs, adults over age 21 flock to this city for weekend getaways that won’t soon be forgotten. With so many great venues on the strip, it can be a little tough to know exactly where to start your amazing weekend adventure. Here are a few of the highest ranked nightlife experiences in Las Vegas that no visitor should do without.

MGM Grand – Hakkasan

If you love massive nightclubs, the Hakkasan at the MGM Grand will not leave you wanting. Built in the style of a mega-club, this amazing venue offers over 80,000 square feet of dance floors and DJs to satisfy your nightlife cravings. Located on the 4th and 5th floors of this majestic staple of the Vegas strip, the Hakkasan is one of the best experiences in the entire city.

The Mirage – 1OAK

If you are a little less into electronic dance music and a little more into delicious cocktails, 1OAK is the perfect nightclub for you! 1OAK offers the drink options in the entire city including bottle service with sparklers in more varieties than you can imagine. Mixology is more than just a concept at this venue; it is what they stand for. Some of the best bartenders in the world cut their teeth behind the bars at 1OAK making it the ultimate experience for the drinking man or woman when they are visiting Las Vegas.

The Bellagio – Hyde Bellagio

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas or seen the strip in a movie, you will immediately remember the iconic fountains in front of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. What may be a little less known to the public if the Hyde Bellagio which is the signature nightclub contained within the walls of the casino. However, once you’ve entered the venue, you will quickly see that it will be hard to ever forget. World class service and a luxurious experience are just the tip of the iceberg inside the Hyde Bellagio where they take the experience to unparalleled heights. If you are into relaxing in a lounge while sipping on amazing cocktails and chatting with your friends, there is simply no other place in Las Vegas that is more accommodating.

No matter where you look in Las Vegas, there is no shortage of amazing bars and nightclubs to make your visit more enjoyable. These three venues are just a small taste of what awaits you if you make the trip into the desert, but no visit is complete without a stop at one of these premier locations.

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