Get Ready to Potty Train


Your little one is ready to potty train. Congratulations on making it to this stage! You need a great potty seat.

  • The Super Pooper TM Potty Seat is made of durable material and is designed to fit most, if not all, toilet seat configurations.
  • The custom design allows the brackets to be adjusted so that the potty seat is secure, yet easily and instantly removable for adult use of the toilet.
  • The Super Pooper TM Potty Seat is portable for your travels. And very easy to clean!

The Super Pooper TM Potty Seat has built-in handles so your child will be secure and feel comfortable so that he or she can take care of the business without the distraction of trying to not “fall in”. The built-in splash guard comes in handy for boys and girls while both genders practice their potty posture and aim. When you start your child’s potty training journey on a quality potty seat, you have the advantage of no “second” transition since the child is already using the big toilet. In selecting the Super Pooper TM Potty Seat you too will also benefit. Less dirty work than a standard potty chair or ill-fitting potty seat and less inconvenience than a potty seat that must be actually affixed to/mounted onto the toilet seat.

  • The Super Pooper™ Potty Seats also come with a complimentary eBook on health benefits of our products
  • Color options! For little boys (Blue potty seat) and for little girls (pink potty seat)
  • Do not forget to check out the Super Pooper™ stool that is great for children, toddlers, and babies to step up to or climb up to their potty seat that is secured on the toilet.

No need to compare! Backed by our 90-day money back guarantee.

Bathroom Elimination Luxury Aid – Super Pooper Potty Seats for the Commode / Toilet – Beneficial for Toddlers Children & Babies – Doctor Recommended, Digestive Health – Baby Girl Pink and Baby Boy Blue Color Options – 100% NO HASSLE 90-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

*Doctor Recommended, naturopathic doctor recommended, holistic professionals also recommend the Super Pooper Potty If you are serious about starting your little one off right with the correct potty training skills – This piece of bathroom equipment you must add to your household daily routine!!

*HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – Custom design allows the brackets to be adjusted for secure fit to most if not all toilets and commodes To prevent the Super Pooper Potty Seat from any type of movement while your little one comfortable handles their business. The Potty Seats are structurally designed to fit snug around any toilet / commode bowl type(s).

*Insure the absolute best restroom experience possible for your little girls and boys! The most comfortable toilet / commode Potty Seats available on the market today! – They are comfortable, portable, light weight, and it is not very big or bulky…

*There is NO NEED TO COMPARE…The Super Pooper Potty Seats are a $30.00 Value! The Potty Seats also would make a GREAT GIFT! TAKE ACTION, AND ORDER YOUR SUPER POOPER POTTY SEAT OPTION NOW! …They will NOT last long!!

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