Five Of The World's Greatest Detectives


We all have heard of great detectives like Columbo, Sam Spade and Hercule Poirot. We seem fascinated by how these detectives put life events together like pieces of a cardboard puzzle. But, what about real life detectives? The following is a list of five real detectives that were every bit as brilliant as their movie counter-parts.

  1. Allen Pinkerton ( 1819-1884 ). Created the Pinkerton Detective Agency. He was famous for his amazing deductions and for stories written about his adventures.
  2. Ignitions Paddington ( 18-1918 ). He was a detective in London. He captured fugitives and solved hundreds of mysteries.He was a household name in London by the early 1800’s.
  3. Ellis Parker ( 1871-1940 ). Was often referred to as the ” Sherlock Holmes of America”. Parker solved a huge number of cases. He was asked to consult on the Lindbergh kidnapping case.
  4. William J. Burns ( 1921-1924 ). Burns became well known and a national figure for his detective work with the FBI and as a Secret Service Agent. He was the author of popular books about the cases he solved.
  5. Kate Warne, worked for the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Continued…

She was the first documented female detective in the United States. She solved many cases and was known as an excellent detective. Do detectives keep the scales of justice balanced? In concluding, what mysteries have you solved lately?

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