Cannon Operating Announces Investment Opportunities in the Caddo Lake Project

Oil and Gas Exploration Company Brings Institutional Investment Opportunities to Individual Investors
Dallas, TX: Today, Cannon Operating Company announces the availability of working interest in the newly developed Caddo Lake Project. Caddo Lake is a multi-pay drilling project located in Caddo Parrish Louisiana. Currently Caddo production is just over 187,000 barrels/month.

Cannon Operating’s recent success has encouraged CEO William Baker to share the economic projection of Caddo Lake. Based on a 5% working interest of $240,000. At 240 Barrels of Oil Per Day @ 90.00/barrel x 365 days – .09% severance tax x 75% NRI – $72,000 operating expenses x 5% Working Interest = $265,000.50 /year based on the purchase of one unit for a return of 110%. Not including tax incentives.

To mark this enormous opportunity Cannon Operating shares the testimonials of long-term investors:

“We could not be happier with the results we have seen on our investments with Cannon Operating. We are now on project # 4 and are looking forward to many more in the future.” Jayme and Jen, Iowa.

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